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1401 Lavaca Street #65

Austin, TX 78701

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Welcome To Encanto

Our First Community Of Light, Hope & Love

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What is Encanto?

Encanto is a safe and self sustaining community built to provide and protect women in our rehabilitation programs. Our mission is to provide safety, housing, care, clean water, clothing and community for mothers and their children. There will also be an orphanage and education program so that each mother can live a dignified presence. Encanto can house 60 Mothers and their children in our casitas.

The Community Of Encanto

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The Community Vision

The large red house will be a gathering house for Chapel, congregations, staff quarters and a nursery for young children. There will be an industrial kitchen and dining hall for everyone to be together. There will be devotionals, fire pits and teachings in the center of the courtyard.

How Can I Get Involved?

100% of every donation transparently goes towards the women, children and community of Encanto. Right now, you can donate as little as $1 or sponsor one of the homes in Encanto. Every donation helps a family in need.

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